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I rewatched Melody's debut video and found some screenshots I wanted to share with you.

If you look closely, on the right of the doll with bangs and braids, is Melody's hairstyling set. It comes with a hair extension, a bow, and a flower.

On the top left corner is Melody's outfit for girls! It consists of a blue sweater (think Isabelle's coral sweater) and a plaid printed skirt. On the middle left, there is ANOTHER outfit for girls! It has a coral sweater and a blue skirt with pink in it.

A great way to start this awesome Saturday- leaking!

Will you get Melody? I sure will. I will the day she comes out as a early (or late) diaversary present! (Before the comments start rolling in saying stuff like, "What's that?", it's the anniversary of the day I got diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I got diagnosed on July 22, 2015.)

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