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Meet Ella!

Here's Ella!

She's so pretty!

"Ella Edwards has had a happy life. So when her parents start fighting and decide to get divorced, her life gets shaken forever. Bad things keep happening, like her best friend Pansi moving to Canada and losing her dog and piano to a fire. Ella sinks into a deep, deep depression, so deep that she has to go to a clinic to fix it. While she is there, she meets Susan McGee, who is also going through a divorce. Ella and Susan learn a very important lesson to bring back to their tattered families."

AMERICAN GIRL TRIVIA: There have been 103 unique American Girl dolls in total (excluding remodels)

COMMENT DISCUSSION QUESTION: What two dolls in your collection look the most similar?

MY ANSWER: Ocean (#47) and Sonali, hands down.

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