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American Girl Stores in Minneapolis and Boston CLOSING!

I'm so sorry to bear this bad news to my readers in Minneapolis and Boston, but I have to tell all the news in American Girl land, whether good or bad. The American Girl stores in Minneapolis and Boston are both closing in the next few months, as reported by many local news sites.

The stores will close on March 20, and Wade Opland, the retail vice president of American Girl said, "It has been our privilege to serve these communities for more than a decade, and we thank our loyal customers for their patronage and look forward to continuing our valued relationship with them. The closures are a necessary step to improve the overall health of our business and reinvest in key areas of growth."

I think this is a smart move financially, especially since being in the Mall of America must cost a lot of money out of American Girl, but I feel sad for my readers who live in those locations. I know I'd be crying my eyes out if AG closed my store, so I feel really bad for you.

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