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American Girl of the Year 2023 Kavi Sharma Predictions by AGDN Readers

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Here are some predictions for Girl of the Year 2023 Kavi Sharma, predicted by AGDN readers!

"I really hope she has Evette's mold. I think she will probably have purple as her signature color." -animestories

"I feel like she may look like or be a repeat of JLY86; 86 was one of their most popular dolls prior to the revamp of Truly Me but she was retired incredibly quickly, perhaps to make room for Kavi? I also feel that since the TM line has its own Diwali outfit, I think Kavi might get something different, perhaps an outfit for Holi. I hope she has a Holi outfit or story element, it's such a cool holiday." -americangirlstar

"I think she'll have really curly dark black hair in coils and dark skin with a sprinkle of freckles and brown eyes. If she lives in America I bet she will have normal clothes, but on Diwali if she celebrates it, she would wear a dress similar to the AG Diwali outfit, which would be awesome! That dress is SOOOOOO pretty. That's my theory." -BookFAN

"I hope that she has a unique pet like a bunny!" -moorlandflower

"I think that she will have either corrine or Claudie’s face mold and brown eyes with either black or dark brown hair with tan skin. As far as clothing and pets go I am not sure. " -alexandrabriet

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