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Girl Of The Year 2023 Kavi Sharma Store Events

It's that time of year: store events for the Girl of the Year 2023, Kavi Sharma, are coming on American Girl's store pages! While key details about her story have been left out, it's still nice to see the events popping up. Here they are!

January 7: Girl of the Year Cookie Decorating in Chicago

"Come celebrate the soaring spirit of our newest Girl of the Year at a sweet event!" Children will decorate three cookies representing Kavi's story at this event, and they can take their cookies home.

January 8 and 29th: Girl of the Year Hair and Manicure Day in every store except Los Angeles

This is an event where doll hair will be styled and nails will be painted, and the children in attendance will get a Girl of the Year poster and stickers for attending!

January 15: Girl of the Year Painting Party and Lunch in Chicago

January 21: Painting Party in New York

After lunch in the American Girl cafe, children will learn how to paint a picture inspired by Kavi, and then get shopping time at the AG store!

Speaking of store events in January, which doll should I bring to my birthday meetup in Charlotte? I was thinking of Nanea, but then I realized it would be cool to bring Kavi... or Claudie... or my Truly Me doll Katniss... ugh, decisions are so hard, so I'll let you guys choose!

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