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Happy Girl of the Year Release Day!

Dang.... this is the tenth Girl of the Year release day celebrated on AGDN! I can't believe this blog is going to be a whole decade old in January...

Anyway, HAPPY GIRL OF THE YEAR RELEASE DAY! I cannot wait to see Lila and her collection and post all about it today! I also can't wait for a special someone to come to my doorstep whenever UPS arrives today... let's just say AG sent me a little gift....

The AG website is counting down to 8:55 AM Eastern time, so Lila's reveal will probably be around 8:30 AM, like usual. Don't worry, everyone who will be at school or work during the reveal - I'm going to screen record it and post it on YouTube since I made sure to do all of my work for college this week in just two days so I could have the rest of the week free to blog, especially today!

I'm so excited that I might just sit here and ramble on this post until 8:30 AM, but I think I'll just channel that energy into my script writing until the time comes!

Hope you all have a great day!

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