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Kavi-Themed Bollywood Block Party in Metuchen, New Jersey

The town of Metuchen, New Jersey is thrilled that American Girl's 2023 Girl of the Year doll, Kavi Sharma, is from their town! Tomorrow, Metuchen will be having a town-wide tea party and a Bollywood-themed block party to celebrate Kavi's arrival.

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"We are so excited that American Girl has chosen Metuchen as the hometown for their 2023 American Girl Doll. Our Borough is a diverse, vibrant community with residents and programming that reflect the world around us,” Mayor Jonathan M Busch said in a statement. “Kavi is a welcome addition to our Borough and we can't wait for the children in our community to share her and their Metuchen stories with the rest of the country."

"We couldn't be more thrilled to have Kavi Sharma call Metuchen her home and be selected as the 2023 American Girl of the Year and even more excited that just 24 hours after this exciting announcement we can celebrate her and her South Asian roots with our New Year Party,” said Dawn Mackey, Executive Director of Metuchen Downtown Alliance. “If it's one thing Downtown Metuchen knows how to do, it's how to celebrate and Friday will be a wonderful evening with music, dance, 360 photo booth, ball drop and more with friends, family and partygoers of all ages."

The celebrations begin at 5 p.m. Friday at the Metuchen Town Plaza , 21 New Street.

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