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Predictions for Mattel Investor Presentation for American Girl

Thursday will mark one of my personal favorite days to be an American Girl doll blogger out of the entire year. Mattel is having their annual investor presentation, where they reveal what is happening with the company and news for their product lines, including American Girl. In years past, the WellieWishers line, the Create Your Own line, Kit's return, the early release of Lila, and the NFL collection were teased during these presentations, so I have a few predictions for what might be talked about on Thursday.

  • I believe the historical line refresh will be a huge topic of discussion - after all, we have seen signs of it via Julie's new books and collections for legacy historical characters like Kaya, Melody and Rebecca selling out.

  • We could also be hearing more about the Disney dolls - Ariel, Cinderella and Tiana have already proved to be big hits with long backorder dates, and more dolls have been teased for release later this year, including Frozen dolls. Do you think we're going to get our first look at them?

  • The timeline of Girl of the Year 2025's release, as well as a first look at her logo, could also be possible.

  • More collaborations will also be a possibility. As the Summer Olympics are this year, AG could be collaborating with Team USA again, as well as other brands.

  • If Kirsten's items are returning, like it has been claimed, this would be a good place to make the announcement!

  • Personally, I don't think we're going to be seeing any new historicals this year, as American Girl usually likes to take a few years off from new historical announcements after releasing a batch of them. I explained this around the time Isabel and Nicki released, but if there are to be a new historical release, I wouldn't expect it until 2025 the earliest. Which is next year - crazy to think about!

What do you guys hope to hear on Thursday?

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Hattie S.
Hattie S.
Mar 17

I haven't heard about Julie's new books! Can someone send me this info? :) Thanks!


I want Merida. That's my one disney princess wish. I got Tiana, and she is perfect. Alice would be awesome (but not a princess) and I could totally get behind a Peter Pan and Wendy set.

I really wish they would release some pre 1900 historicals though. I'd love a 1620s pilgrim, and someone in the 1830s because, have you all seen 1830's sleeves? And I wish they would release a Chinese immigrant and deal with the building of the western railroad. It's not necessarily a pretty story, but important, and they haven't had a truly Asian historical doll - just Ivy the best friend.


I love wish too. Pre-ordered the Walmart exclusive steelbook Blu-ray. And Esmeralda is one of my favorites as well.

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