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When Will Girl of the Year 2024 (Lila Monetti) Release?

Usually, the answer to "when will Girl of the Year 2024" release used to be way simpler. On December 29, Kavi released, and I thought "can't wait to be back here on New Year's next year!" That aged poorly when Mattel announced at the shareholder's meeting back in March that Girl of the Year 2024 will not be releasing on New Years, but earlier in fall 2023 so fans can get her for the holidays.

I always theorized a September/October release for Lila, but this has been all but confirmed when a September/October catalog was announced to be sent in the mail. So sometime in September or October, Lila will be releasing!

I really hope we get a concrete date. I'll be in college by then, and while there is an AG store in Nashville (where I'm going to study filmmaking), it is roughly a half hour away from my college and I'll have to figure out when to go off campus to get Lila without missing any classes... or homework... or secret film projects that 2020 AGTube will freak out about when they find out about... SHUSH SYDNEY

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